Mysterious space junk hurtling towards Earth crashes into Indian Ocean

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The Extinction Protocol

Space Junk
November 2015SPACE A mysterious piece of space junk that was detected hurtling towards Earth about a month ago splashed down in the Indian Ocean this morning, scientists said. The space debris, named WT1190F, entered the Earth’s atmosphere and landed off the coast of Sri Lanka, according to NASA. Scientists first spotted the object on Oct. 3 and have been tracking its movements since then so they were able to predict when and where it would hit. “It was never a threat to anyone on Earth because of its small size,” NASA spokeswoman Laura Castillo told ABC News today.
The object landed in the Indian Ocean about 50 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka at roughly 1:15 a.m. Eastern time today, Castillo said. Though the exact nature of the object remains unknown, and likely will for a long time, Castillo said that it is believed to be…

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Nearly 100 killed in deadly landslide in Myanmar

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The Extinction Protocol

Myanmar Landslide
November 2015MYANMARNearly 100 bodies have been pulled from a landslide near a jade mine in Myanmar’s northern Kachin State and an estimated 100 people are still missing, a rescue official said on Sunday. The landslide happened in the early hours of Saturday in Hpakant, an area that produces some of the world’s highest-quality jade, but the mines and dump sites for debris are rife with hazards and landslides are not uncommon, though rarely this deadly. Workers, many of them migrants from other parts of the country, toil long hours for little pay. The state-run Global New Light of Myanmar newspaper said that many of the miners were sleeping in huts when the landslide occurred.
 An official with the Hpakant Township Fire Brigade told Reuters by telephone that 99 bodies had been recovered by late Sunday afternoon and that this number was likely to rise. “We are…

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Événement international contre ISIS et le Nouvel Ordre Mondial/international event against ISIS and the New World Order

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Un article multi  langages….A multi language article!

Français d’abord …English follow!

Pour supporter et adhérer à notre événement et action numéro 1,voici le lien Facebook/For support our action and Facebook event Number 1,this is the link : Brulons le Coran et le Thalmud/Burn the Quran and Thalmud

Je suis Paris bbbb


Suite aux derniers événements qui prouvent hors de tout doute qu’un complot international se joue contre de nombreuses nations Occidentales ,Nous,Les Défenseurs de la Terre ,une fraternité répandue sur tous les continents de la terre depuis 2008,condamnons les nombreux et récents meurtres commis en France,en Syrie,en Irak,en Amérique et dans de nombreux autres pays et continents par la Conspiration sioniste et Islamique de l’État Islamique.
De nombreuses preuves existent concernant une collaboration de nombreux gouvernements corrompus d’Occident avec les meurtres et l’idéologie totalitaire de l’Islam radical aussi allons-nous prendre des mesures extrèmes pour répondre à une…

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