No Marx, no Rockefeller

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The french Aube Dorée at left and the greek at right.

The french Aube Dorée at left and the greek at right.


There are two dominant ideologies today, regardless of sects that arise within them. It is Marxism and liberalism, two ideologies that certainly many different internal currents, mainly related to the percentage of state intervention in the economy or the process of transition « to a classless society. »

Yet, despite the apparent differences, Marxism and liberalism are two sides of the same coin because the fundamental question, they not only agree but they also think the same thing. And even where there are s disagree and where they blame themselves, they could hear if they used the same « vocabulary ».

On the financial side, the two ideologies profess absolute submission to an organization, in a case called a « multinational » and the other a « party. » This rule is in both cases accompanied by brutal violence against anyone who opposes the plan requirements, the dissident under communism was under the threat of political commissar pistol while under liberalism c ‘ is unfair competition, the hostility of the government, laws and ultimately usher account and seizure.
The burden of sovereignty liberal is certainly more complex and « soft », but in the end, what the average citizen feels is not so distant, or rather, to be more clear, the essence of liberalism is to be much more brutal.

There is also the issue of sacred values ​​of our race, and consistent secular heritage of our nation, ageless companion of our people in the struggle for the land of our fathers and Freedom. And on this issue, this major social and national issue, Marxists and liberals are not only consistent but are similar. La Patrie, religion and family values ​​are hated in the same way by these ideologies against-nature which are the product of the same ideological substrate. Liberalism, with its universalism, and Marxism with its internationalism, cherish and promote the principles of globalization, organizing the dissolution of nations, the abolition of borders, promoting a lifestyle and thought materialistic and atheistic, and the prevalence of the worship of money.

The consequences of globalization coming spread around us. NGOs paid handsomely for sale antiracism cheap gangs that pollute neighborhoods of our country. Drug devastating Greek Youth laws decriminalizing drug use and culture, which politicians and journalists preach the « positive » effects. The supposed fight against the corruption of politicians to the fact they are the first and best students.

In parliament for 39 years without interruption, there is a perfect bond between the parties. For example, the fact that even the most vehement « enemies », most of these « dissidents » boring were able to work together from time to time to attack the Greek people through governmental and ministerial decisions. We see, moreover, daily information about « differences » between left and right in the praises of Mr. Kammenos for Mr. Tsipras and the latter for Constantine Karamanlis, the eldest, « Archbishop. »

Politicians with their « brothers », contractual misinformation, conspiring against the Greek people, not only for money, but the real soul of the nation, the holy tradition, our language, our customs, every aspect of Greek race. The response of the Greek people are already preparing and politicians lose their sleep and has international Zionist propaganda centers that are in the media « orgasm » Working unprecedented. The record growth of the Golden Dawn scared the political system. A ticklish detail of this is that all TV channels ignore the rules of the ESR (local CSA NdT) on equal party representation on television, and happily prefer to pay in time of crisis, fines rather than broadcast something known Golden Dawn, if not for slander and libel.

The attack system against us is our greatest honor, as their statement that we do not belong to their « arc » kleptocratic (the joke of the Republican bow France, Ed.) Not only politically and morally, but also ideologically, we are very far from those who, like the verdict against Tsochatzopoulos said, have « a constant penchant for crime. » a crime that is always the people and that is always to the advantage of international speculators. The difference between the dominant ideologies is that in Marxism are privileged party members and the international bankers (As denounced by Bakunin), while in the preferred liberalism « elite » and bankers. It is our honor, we really think they are hostile, these lackeys bankers and enemies of the people.

However, we do not expect or intend any medal or award because we are, as stated D. Vezanis, « the active assertion of the Nation », we have a duty to anchor our opinion and to awaken and to inform people of the reality of the political situation in Greece. To enable people, our own people, to understand that the false dilemma between Marxists and liberals traitors now has an answer and a name. It is called the Golden Dawn! Against all!

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Note: that of the Greek Golden Dawn write for their country implements without changing anything for France.